What can we do?

What can we do to make the world around us a better place to live?

Answer: starting out with Fair Share.

Fair Share is not an impossible goal, such as levelling, or striving for an equal distribution of income or goods. Equal opportunities don’t exist. Even if they did, not everyone can become a baker or doctor.

Differences will always exist.

Thinking and acting from the Fair Share point of view

Thinking and acting according to Fair Share principles is better and more efficient, because it fosters feasibility and continuity of relationships.

Prevention is possible, because we now have new tools to make feasibility as concrete as possible in an early stage, and to measure continuity chances of partnerships and businesses. So, there is no need for post analysis to find out why things went wrong, but rather an analysis beforehand in order to prevent failure.

To this end, two insights are needed:

  • Knowing with whom one can co-operate, and whom is definitely not eligible for co-operation.
  • Knowing which activities interfere with each other, and which are non-conflicting.

Once we know how to make a well-considered, steady alignment of the Triangle: Goals–Capabilities–Conditions, we can increase the chances of continuity and sustainability, and consequently of Fair Share as well.