The Quick Scan

Composition of a Fair Share Team

The first important step in setting up a Fair Share team is running the Quick Scan Selection.

The Quick Scan on-line

The Scan can be run online for € 30 per test outcome, or for € 50 per outcome with a detailed description for team managers or supervisors. We offer a discount for substantial orders.

Quick Scan for selection

The Quick Scan Online Selection of Employees or Customers, or Analysis of yourself can predict one’s attitude in co-operation or communication. The Scan is meant for anyone who wants to assess themselves or another person, in their professional or private environment. The Scan is an effective means to quickly find out how to handle or deal with the person concerned. And vice versa, that the Scan provides a better tool with which they get a picture of you or themselves.
The Scan can be applied to yourself, a customer, employee, supervisor, friend or foe, as well as when assessing how/whether the person concerned fits in a team. Finally, the Scan provides insight into how to deal with difficult people, such as troublesome employees.

Effective Communication

The Scan also provides answers to questions such as: How can you communicate better with the person concerned; how do you enhance their motivation; how can you achieve better relations, including your own partner?
The Scan can serve as a starting point in the professional environment: HRM, team management, recruitment, selection, individual and team coaching.

How to proceed?

The scan can be filled out by employees and/or by an assessor, in a professional or private environment. The assessor may be a team leader, selector, colleague, recruiter, other employees or colleagues.
The supervisor or assessor can also compare the outcome of two or more people.
These two individuals may also be team members within the framework of team building. An example: A team leader fills out the Scan for team members to find out if the outcome points in the direction of a different, better way of collaboration, or if the current collaboration can be continued.
Finally, the outcome can be used to coach employees or to improve customer services.

Unique Selling Points

  • For good communication and motivation of people a quick assessment of people is of great benefit.
  • The scan can be filled out in 10 minutes.
  • The outcome provides a directive for the most adequate way to deal with the person involved.
  • Everyone can use the Scan for themselves.
  • The outcome can serve as a basis for coaching.
  • The outcome can serve as a basis for Fair Share.
  • If your company or team needs more employees or members, you can assess whether this operation will be a success.
  • You don’t need to know a lot about the person concerned. The first impression is sufficient to fill out the statements list. And it doesn’t matter how many statements have been ticked.
  • Regarding collaboration: assessing a person's mentality is usually more important than knowing the capabilities/skills.
  • No matter how someone is “so good’ at something, if he/she is unable to collaborate or other people can't or won't collaborate with this person, the chances of success of a co-operation are minimal or even nil.

The Quick Scan

The Quick Scan for selection of employees, dealing with customers, or analysis of yourself can be filled out online.