Crisis, Power, Sustainability & Ethics: It's All Machiavelli and Hidden Goals: A Manager's Guide

If we do not understand the dynamics of the Hidden Goals in management and politics, we will never be able to actualise ideals like sustainability and ethics in business beyond the level of lip service, window dressing or a few token gestures. This book is based on experiences, and deals with Hidden Goals, in particular the Hidden Goal of each leader: Power.
Since the author’s own findings regarding success and failure of managers were fully confirmed by an excellent observer, Machiavelli, the author has revised his book Il Principe, “The Ruler”, and made a synthesis of his theory of leadership and the concept of the Hidden Goals. Last century, economy and politics have been the outcome of a deal between stability and expansion. The last economical crises were proof of the fact that stability had now reached its limits. By consequence, measures and solutions based mainly on exponents of the Hidden Goal stability will lack effect.
Few people realise that Western society and therefore Western economics were built on measures and measurements or assessments useful in the rather stable society of the last century. Now, new algorithm formulae are needed for the future. In the foreseeable future, all exponents of stability will crumble more and more. The strategies of the actual manager or political leader who does not understand the signs will fail at the end.
This book may help managers and politicians to take decisions that suit their own career and that furthermore contribute to sustainability and ethics in business.

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